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Compliance Note

It’s a perfect time to revisit our commitment and obligations to healthcare compliance. “Healthcare compliance” is the formal name given to proactive tasks to prevent fraud, waste, or abuse within a healthcare entity. Compliance promotes a culture where participants within the healthcare organization strive to prevent, detect, and resolve activity that could lead to fraud, waste, or abuse.


As one of Genuine Health’s founding principles, compliance is an active, ongoing process that ensures that legal, ethical, and professional standards are met and communicated throughout our healthcare organization. One of the cornerstones of effective compliance is understanding Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse laws, and how to apply them as a physician in your relationships with other physicians, payers, and providers.


CMS has published a guide to navigating the many issues and questions surrounding compliance with the Fraud and Abuse laws found here.


If you have any questions or concerns, or would like or report a violation of the Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse laws, you are required to contact the Genuine Health Compliance Officer at or the Compliance Hotline at 786-878-5500, Option 4.

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