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Reporting a Compliance Issue

Genuine is committed to detecting, preventing and correcting fraud, waste, and abuse. Failure to report suspected unethical or unlawful conduct is harmful to the integrity of the organization.  

Genuine has a policy of non-retaliation, such that all people should freely report (without fear of retribution) any suspected activity of any personnel, including corporate officers, managers, employees, clinical providers, and third-party contractors. Anyone who makes a report is also protected by Federal and State laws that protect whistleblowers. Furthermore, Genuine personnel have an affirmative obligation to report compliance issues and may be subject to disciplinary action if not followed.

To request information about Genuine’s Corporate Compliance Program, or to anonymously report possible misconduct, please contact:

Genuine Corporate Compliance Program
Manuel Lopez, Chief Compliance Officer
806 South Douglas Road, Suite 700
Coral Gables, FL 33134

24-Hour Compliance Hotline

786-878-5500 Option 4


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