Introducing Monthly Capitation Payments For Your Medicare Fee-For-Service Patients

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A Direct Contracting Entity (DCE)


Until now, monthly capitation payments for Medicare beneficiaries were only paid to doctors for their patients enrolled in managed care plans. But now, with Genuine Health Direct, you can receive capitation payments every month for your patients with traditional Medicare. Plus, our new Direct Contracting Entity, or DCE, will help participating doctors reduce overall healthcare costs, improve outcomes, and increase options for your patients.

Improve Your Practice By Joining Our DCE

  • Monthly capitation payments

  • Bonuses for Medicare savings

  • Exemption from burdensome MIPS reporting requirements

  • Support tools for your practice

What Is A DCE?


A DCE is a new care delivery model introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Direct Contracting Entities like Genuine Health Direct contract with CMS to deliver healthcare to fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries aligned with participating physicians. CMS pays a monthly capitation fee to Genuine Health Direct, and in turn, we’re responsible for delivering the full scope of patient care – at full financial risk.


When we provide high-quality care for less than what CMS would have paid through traditional Medicare, we keep 100% of the savings and share those savings with our participating physicians.

A New Way To Share In The Savings 


Through Genuine Health Direct, primary care physicians can enjoy the stability, reliability, and consistency of monthly capitation payments for their aligned Medicare patients. When you join our DCE, say goodbye to claims denials and collections, and say hello to year-round support to facilitate voluntary alignment for your Medicare patients.

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