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MVP: Staff Spotlight
Isaura Figueredo


We’re proud of our team, who have helped us attract new talent, increase shared savings, and launch new business lines. We’ve also been noted for the dedication and empathy of our team, and Isaura Figueredo, a Registered Nurse Health Coach, part of Genuine Health at Home.  


Isaura’s positivity not only helps her stand out, but it helps her build rapport with her patients. She isn't afraid to tackle any task on the job, and her 12 years of experience on the job have honed her communication skills, technical capabilities, and patience.


Recently, Isaura worked with a high-risk patient and went above and beyond to ensure that patient received the best care. When the patient was nearing her hospital discharge, Isaura contacted every available service provider to aid the patient and caregiver with post-hospitalization care.


Genuine Health Group is honored to be represented by such accomplished and passionate medical professionals. We are proud to have Isaura on our team and look forward to many more positive contributions!

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