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MVP: Staff Spotlight
Meet Kathleen Marin-Suarez
Our MVP At Genuine Health Group

At Genuine Health Group, we celebrate exceptional individuals who go above and beyond in their roles. Today, we proudly present Kathleen Marin-Suarez, a true MVP.


Kathleen is a Registered Nurse (RN) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. With a wealth of experience in healthcare, she brings a depth of knowledge and expertise that is truly commendable. Since joining our team, Kathleen's impact has been nothing short of remarkable. She has consistently demonstrated her dedication to our patients' well-being and their families, earning their deep appreciation.


One person familiar with Kathleen’s work shared her experience with us, stating, “My husband and I are very happy with Kathleen’s professional medical services, and we cannot ask for more! People like her need to be appreciated and recognized and the best way to do that is to communicate it to their superiors.”


Patients highly appreciate Kathleen’s professionalism and her compassionate approach. Even during her family vacation, Kathleen remained responsive and committed to her patients’ urgent needs, showcasing her exceptional dedication. Kathleen is a true healthcare professional, embodying Genuine Health Group's core values of commitment, compassion, and professionalism. Her commitment to patient care sets a high standard for Genuine Health Group.

We commend you, Kathleen, for your outstanding contributions, and we're honored to have you as part of our family!

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