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When you deliver health care with competence and compassion, you produce the best medical outcomes at the most reasonable cost.
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Better Care. Good Business.

Healthcare industry veterans Joe Caruncho – whose success at the helm of Preferred Care Partners led to annual sales in excess of $750 million – and Orlando Lopez-Fernandez, Jr., MD, founded Genuine Health Group to usher in a new era of healthcare delivery focused on value instead of volume.


Today, Genuine Health is building a model for managing care delivery that embodies traditional values, promises reliability, and embraces flexibility and technology. Through its Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the company aims to improve healthcare outcomes, achieve cost savings for the care of patients, and serve as a single point of contact to move doctors’ Medicare members into value-based care. And, through its Management Service Organization (MSO), the company aims to deliver healthcare management services for its participating physicians whose patients are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.


In addition, with Genuine Insights™, the company can provide even more precise and relevant healthcare data analysis across all of Genuine Health Group’s lines of business, to the benefit of patients and physicians alike. This tool assists healthcare case management for physicians and small group practices managing patients enrolled in Medicare.

Services And Tools From Genuine Health Group


  • Assistance with electronic processing of healthcare information

  • Office management and practice organization

  • Access to clinical support staff

  • Management and administrative support services (individual physicians or small group practices)

  • Healthcare coordination services

  • Managed care services

  • Physician network services

  • Financial administration of healthcare benefits programs

For both traditional Medicare beneficiaries and those who choose managed care plans, Genuine Health and its providers are demonstrating the powerful effects of value-based care.

Click here to download our corporate brochure.

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