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Compliance Note:
Health Information Portability
And Accountability Act (HIPAA)


At Genuine Health, our physician networks take the Health Information Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) very seriously. HIPAA regulates health information and severely restricts those who have access to identifiable patient information. Passed in 1996, this federal law secures “protected health information” (PHI), such as a personal medical diagnosis, patient names, addresses, or online communications. HIPAA affects all healthcare providers and staff, health plans, clearinghouses, and business associates to ensure all medical-related relations are protected.


HIPAA’s primary objectives include eliminating hiring biases based on health conditions, reducing fraud, enforcing health information standards, and protecting private health information. With these policies in place, patients’ personal information is secured from the public while still allowing for an efficient flow of information among professionals.


If you discover unauthorized access to PHI, loss of a device containing PHI, or a breach, you are required to contact Genuine Health's Compliance Officer at: or the Compliance Hotline at 786-878-5500, Option 4. 

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