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You can share in the business, which has more than doubled in just three years.

Genuine Health Management


Genuine Health Group provides doctors with a single source for managing healthcare delivery: Genuine Health Group's Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) for traditional Medicare beneficiaries, and Genuine Health Group’s Management Service Organization (MSO) for specific Medicare Advantage member plans.


Our management service organization (MSO) includes a select group of primary care physicians who collectively have thousands of individuals in leading Medicare Advantage plans. For these members, Genuine Health MSO bears “global” financial risk for their care.


We work closely with our participating physicians, so they can deliver robust health services that prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits, as well as minimizing readmissions. Our doctors have access to our advanced analytics tools to create individualized care plans, including built-in follow-up protocols that maximize adherence to the care plans.

The Genuine Advantage


Primary care physicians in our MSO enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Financial incentives for specific practice protocols

  • Advanced technological resources

  • Powerful analytics from Genuine Insights™

  • Managerial support

  • Year-round marketing initiatives geared towards membership growth

  • Opportunities to enhance practice value


Perhaps most attractive, when patients’ total healthcare costs have been covered, our MSO doctors earn additional bonuses based on achieved savings from Plan benchmarks. 

Maximize your practice’s Medicare Advantage relationships. Contact us at 786.878.5500 to submit your credentials for consideration.

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