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Image by Vardan Papikyan
Genuine Health Group’s Strategic Partnership With Johns Hopkins Medicine

Leveraging The ACG® System

Genuine Health Group has forged a strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, leveraging its sophisticated ACG® System for improved analytics and insights into population health.


The ACG System is used by healthcare providers, organizations, and public-sector agencies worldwide for population health analytics, empowering these agencies to forecast healthcare utilization and costs accurately – particularly relevant for value-based care.

The ACG System’s intricate algorithms dissect diagnosis code histories, grouping patients into Aggregated Diagnosis Groups (ADGs), offering a detailed understanding of morbidity patterns and healthcare resource needs. We utilize predictive models including CCM and HE to identify and prioritize high-need/high-cost patients. By assigning diagnosis codes to specific ADGs, clinicians gain insights into patients’ underlying health conditions and expected healthcare resource utilization. This approach enables providers to tailor interventions and allocate resources efficiently to optimize patient outcomes.


With tools and services like the ACG System, we are entering a new era of proactive healthcare management. Through our partnership with Johns Hopkins, we can harness the power of population-level analytics to anticipate emerging trends, mitigate risks, and devise targeted interventions to address the unique needs of diverse patient populations.

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