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Miami Accountable Care Organization


Genuine Health Group, a Miami Accountable Care Organization, believes in delivering care with compassion and competence. By using this model, the company’s participating physicians produce the best medical outcomes at the most reasonable cost.       

Our Miami Accountable Care Organization has partnered with an increasing number of doctors in South Florida and has helped them improve care quality, find synergy with their practice team, and explore new avenues for adopting value-based care. Keep reading to learn more.

Advantages Of Our Miami Accountable Care Organization 


When doctors contemplate joining a Miami Accountable Care Organization, they’re likely to consider “what’s best for my practice?” We offer competitive benefits to help primary care physicians move toward embracing value-based care:

  • No-fee membership

  • Quarterly bonuses 

  • Streamlined onboarding 

Our Miami Accountable Care Organization serves as a single point of contact for moving a practice’s Medicare fee-for-service patients into value-based payment arrangements.

Our network of likeminded physicians continues to grow. In addition to Genuine Health’s Miami Accountable Care Organization, we operate a management service organization (MSO) for Medicare patients enrolled in certain Medicare Advantage plans. We also run a novel program: Genuine Health At Home.

Physicians Are Moving Forward 


Looking beyond our Miami Accountable Care Organization, ACO participation is growing. Recent statistics demonstrate the number of lives covered by ACO contracts has gone up by almost three million.1 In addition, there was a record-breaking increase in commercial contracts in 2019.

Participation in ACOs continues to grow and evolve, and now more doctors participate in ACOs – more than 50 percent of primary care providers. That’s less than a decade after the payment model was introduced! The highest percentage of physicians in an ACO belonged to a Medicare ACO like Genuine Health Group’s Accountable Care Organization – 38.2%.2

Making An Impact 


Genuine Health Group and its providers are dedicated to demonstrating the positive effects of value-based care – where everyone benefits. Doctors signed up for our Miami Accountable Care Organization are not directly responsible for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which is part of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). In addition, physicians participating in our Miami Accountable Care Organization don’t have to shoulder the responsibility of measuring and reporting quality outcomes. Plus, ACOs like our Miami Accountable Care Organization offer even more opportunities to earn more money through higher reimbursement rates and shared savings participation.

Other Incentives 

Physicians who participate in our MSO or our Miami Accountable Care Organization earn additional financial incentives for small changes, like scheduling annual wellness visits and providing follow-up care to Medicare Advantage members and Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries who are discharged from the hospital.  

We offer support for practices, Medicare Advantage members, and Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. We also provide tools like an advanced analytics platform to better assess patient risk scores, as well as unique programs like Genuine Health At Home to support work with chronically-ill patients (at no cost to doctors).



We’re happy to help you learn more about our Miami Accountable Care Organization and other business lines at Genuine Health Group. Contact us here.


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