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Marlene Aguerrebere Receives CFO Award from the South Florida Business Journal

South Florida Business Journal recently awarded Genuine Health Group’s Marlene Aguerrebere the “CFO of the Year” award in the “More Than $225 Million” category.

The long-running, unique awards program created by SFBJ celebrates local leaders and their accomplishments while underscoring South Florida’s reputation as a hub for innovation. Ms. Aguerrebere was selected based on her professional achievements, inspiring story, and success in her field.

The nominations, which were submitted earlier this year, were reviewed by a committee of industry veterans and editorial staff. Categories in the competition include Public Company CFO, Private Company CFO, Nonprofit Organization CFO, and Public Service CFO in government, education, or municipal roles.

“The responsible management of financial assets in the healthcare industry is crucial,” said Marlene Aguerrebere. “By growing our business lines, we have enabled aligned physicians to serve their patients in ways that result in better outcomes – in addition to higher revenues. I am extremely proud of Genuine’s controlled, sustainable growth.”

You can read more about Marlene Aguerrebere’s recognition from the South Florida Business Journal here. If you have questions about Genuine Health Group, contact their team today.


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