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Shared Savings 2022
Healthcare Savings Milestone
Genuine Health Group Achieves $31.9 Million In Medicare Savings

2022. Genuine Health Direct, our ACO REACH entity, achieved $16 million in gross savings, placing it in the nation's top 25% of all ACO REACH programs. It also achieved a 100% grade for quality.


Medicare beneficiaries under the care of our participating physicians required less costly interventions, like hospitalizations, than typical patients enrolled in traditional fee-for-service Medicare. The savings in care delivery result from our proven care model that focuses on disease prevention, improved access to care, and medication adherence – the foundation of our value-based care strategy.


In addition, through our participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), which is designed to increase access to high-quality, affordable, and patient-centered healthcare, we reported $15.9 million in total savings. Our Basic Level B MSSP program ranked in the top 4% nationwide, with savings of $9.5 million, while our enhanced MSSP program ranked among the top 20% of similar ACOs, with savings of $6.4 million.


Read more about this year’s savings here: <LINK>.

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