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South Florida Healthcare Company Establishes New Headquarters And Promises Job Creation

Genuine Health Group Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With New Offices

That Can Accommodate Growing Workforce


MIAMI, FL – Genuine Health Group, a Miami-based, integrated healthcare company that helps physicians navigate the industry’s transition to value-based care, is marking its fourth anniversary – virtually – during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and amid a pivotal time for the healthcare industry. Today, Genuine Health Group crosses the four-year milestone, but it will wait to celebrate or to cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in Coral Gables. Once county officials relax social distancing restrictions, the company’s more than 70 employees will move into its new space, which was planned to accommodate dozens of new high-paid workers.

“Four years ago to the day from starting Genuine Health Group, we received final approval to move into our beautiful new headquarters,” Joe Caruncho, CEO of Genuine Health Group, stated. “We look forward to welcoming all our talented and dedicated team members back once we come out of this pandemic.”

Most of Genuine Health Group’s team is currently working remotely as Miami-Dade officials enforce stay-home measures to control the spread of COVID-19. However, its home health nurses and other clinical staff continue to visit and provide crucial services to senior patients in their homes. During this time, Genuine Health Group has also been delivering crucial support to participating physicians, many of whom required assistance as their practices launched robust telemedicine programs. In addition to helping its doctors with pandemic-sensitive support, the company also created a special publication, “Five Strategies to Improve Quality Measures,” which provides physicians advice that can positively impact reimbursement and overall revenue.

These support measures, along with advanced technology resources, have helped hundreds of primary care doctors who participate in Genuine Health Group’s multiple business lines. The company operates Genuine Health ACO, a Medicare accountable care organization; Genuine Health Management, a management services organization that coordinates the care for seniors enrolled with Medicare Advantage plans; Genuine Health At Home, a program that provides home-based care for patients with chronic diseases; and is launching a direct contracting entity, a new value-based model for delivering healthcare that was recently introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Genuine Health anticipates adding at least two dozen new employees to staff these programs and to serve a growing corps of physicians.

“Developing these varied business lines helps us better meet the needs of our physicians and all of their Medicare patients as our industry moves forward with value-based care models,” said Joe Caruncho. “From flexibility in care delivery to remote monitoring tools, we’re thankful we have been able to provide high levels of support to our physicians – now, and for the past four years.”

For more information about Genuine Health Group, or to schedule an interview with Joe Caruncho, please contact Meieli Sawyer at 305-668-0070 or


About Genuine Health Group

Genuine Health Group is an analytics-driven healthcare company that assists physicians and health plans in successfully transitioning to value-based payment models.

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