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House calls to be part of formula for better health

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Forward-looking healthcare entrepreneur, Joe Caruncho, founder of Genuine Health Group, announced today the company launched a new division that will deliver an array of medical, behavioral, and social services in a home environment. The new enterprise, Genuine Health At Home, will serve patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital as well as patients suffering from chronic conditions, including congestive heart failure, diabetes, pulmonary disease and behavioral health issues.

Through Genuine Health At Home, these patients will receive home visits from a range of medical professionals including physicians, registered nurses, behavioral health professionals, and social workers.

Genuine Health works with doctors who join its MSO and physician ACO by managing the health delivery of their Medicare patients – those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans and those with traditional Medicare. For these populations, Genuine Health seeks to improve health outcomes, including patient satisfaction, while reducing healthcare costs. Treating patients in their homes can contribute toward achieving all these aims. In fact, studies have shown home-based care can be more effective and less costly than conventional outpatient or hospital-based treatment. And for patients who have been hospitalized, home-based care often reduces the likelihood of hospital readmissions.

“To bend the healthcare cost curve, we have to reimagine every aspect of providing care,” said Genuine Health’s president and CEO, Joe Caruncho. “That means that in addition to the type of care we provide, we need to consider where we deliver care, and Genuine Health At Home addresses that variable.”

The company’s new division is a natural next step in its focus on value-based care, where providers earn more money for keeping patients healthy. Genuine Health’s businesses, including Genuine Health At Home and its Miami ACO, focus on patients with a high likelihood of developing serious (and expensive) health problems, and then providing these patients with robust care to improve their health status. While Medicare does not always reimburse for home-based care, Genuine Health’s leadership believes the investment yields valuable results including better prescription drug adherence and compliance with post-discharge instructions, both of which lead to lower hospital readmission rates.

“We know that patients prefer to age in place, and we know that adherence to care programs improves when our Genuine Health At Home team engages patients and their caregivers,” said Dr. Orlando Lopez-Fernandez, Genuine’s chief medical officer. “That means we can keep patients happy and healthy. And when they’re healthy, cost of care goes down.”

For more information on Genuine Health Group, Miami Accountable Care Organizations, or its new division, Genuine Health At Home, or to schedule an interview, please contact Meieli Sawyer at 305-668-0070 or

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